Monday, April 9, 2012

PATCtech Has New News Feed and Newsletter

For those who subscribe to the PATCtech News feed, formerly on Blogger, please find our new RSS XML Feed located at the following location:

PATCtech Digital Forensics has launched a new free newsletter resource. PATC and PATCtech have a long history of offering free resources to the public safety community, including our Free Law Enforcement Legal Updates and Free Law Enforcement Webinar Training.

The new PATCtech Newsletter will include articles, news, product and training updates related to Digital Forensics and Cyber Crime investigations. Our staff of instructors comprise over 30 years of law enforcement and computer related criminal investigations and will bring real world experience to your email inbox, Facebook page, Pinterest wall or LinkedIN group.

In addition to digital forensics and cyber crime news, we will also be providing you with legal updates as they pertain to the search and seizure of digital evidence.


PATCtech Digital Forensics (PATCtech) was founded in 2008 as a division of the Public Agency Training Council, the largest provider of public safety training and legal liability management in the United States.

PATCtech provides an experienced staff in the classroom for certified high-tech criminal investigation training, and in the field for comprehensive digital forensics services. To meet the needs of our digital forensics clients, we also provide complete data service solutions.



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